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Remembering What Is Important October 25, 2007

Filed under: Family Life — katieosborne @ 2:53 pm

I’ve found myself needing to refocus my priorities lately. My day gets so consumed with trying to keep up with all my obligations….cleaning, all my sewing projects and customer orders…watching Austin and Lisa’s kids two days a week…

 I can become frustrated with Jonas for “getting in the way” of all my to-dos. But I find if I focus on him first, give him my full attention for a while, he’ll usually give me some time to at least catch up on the kitchen while he plays happily on his own. If I instead just try to keep him occupied without giving him any of my real time, he just fusses at me while I try to do whatever I believe is so important, then I get more frustrated at him and overwhelmed by my to-do list.

 So, I’m really trying to put him first and remember that everything else comes second. I want to enjoy him more and try to see the world through his eyes. It’s a learning process for me, and I’m failing a lot, but trying.

Here are some of the things that we love at (almost 16 months):

  • balls…balls…balls…
  • climbing on anything and everything
  • dancing to music
  • playing outside at the playground or just picking stuff up in the grass
  • tickling (and trying to bite) toes
  • looking at books (especially if they have balls, dogs or cats in them)
  • watching the bread machine, blender, food processor and mixer do their work
  • peek-a-boo and hide and seek
  • seeing the animals at the farm where we buy our milk
  • shoes
  • other kids’ cups

Not an extensive list, but just some things we’re up to.

Life is good. Toddlers are fun. I couldn’t be doing anything more valuable than being a fully involved mom.

Gotta keep things in perspective.


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