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A Big Endeavor November 4, 2007

Filed under: Business,Sewing and Crafts — katieosborne @ 2:17 am

I began sewing slings and mei tais to sell on Diaper Swappers last winter, joined a Hyena Cart Congo in April, and opened my own website last month. Last month I also decided to test a new mei tai design that I created a couple months before, and I had an overwhelming response – 80 applicants in a 24 hour period.

So, life has been rather stressful the last couple weeks. These new mei tais are extremely time consuming and work intensive. At my more overwhelmed moments, I find myself wondering what I’m thinking trying to grow a business at this time in my life. Jonas requires so much care, the house is falling apart more rapidly than usual and I have a sewing list a mile long. But I’m excited too; I think these carriers have real potential. People seem to be excited about them.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The latest: Sakura Willow on cranberry straps. I finished today and took it for a test drive before mailing it out to its new home. I really love the strap color. I didn’t think I would before it was done up. Thought it was a little too bright, but it’s beautiful.

This is the first one I did. At the time, I had no thought of marketing them; I just made it for our own use, but I got so many positive comments that I was encouraged to think about selling this design.

And some non-action shots of the rest:




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