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More Post-Christmas Craftiness January 7, 2008

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I made a new mei tai for our trip to Door County (which I still need to post about). It’s a faux Ball Baby Overall with an added hood. The fabric is stretch cord from Robert Kaufman.  I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be with stretchy fabric, so I extended the shoulder straps down through the body to form and interior X. It’s really comfy and this was the first time I’ve gotten to wear Jonas in a long time. He refuses unless we’re hiking these days. If he sees me coming with a carrier, he says “Nooo,” as he runs away. 


I made myself a much needed pair of flannel pajama pants. It’s pretty sad when I realize that I sleep in thread bare pants that I bought around the time I graduated from college! A couple more pairs of these are on the horizon.

Hmmm….I can’t seem to find a pic at the moment. Oh well, they’re nothing too exciting.

On to better things….

These are bags I made for Ali (right) and Heather (left) before Christmas.

I made Ben’s mom an apron for Christmas and my mom a set of napkins and placemats. I don’t have pictures of those right now though.


2 Responses to “More Post-Christmas Craftiness”

  1. Ana Isabel Arribas Casado Says:

    I would like to tell you that your mei tais are the nicest ones I have ever seen. Do you sell them? I hope so. What are their prices? The one I like most is the turtle one. How many of them have you made yet? Thank you very much.

  2. katieosborne Says:

    Thanks, Ana! Yes, I do sell them from time to time. Time has not allowed me to lately, but I do have a couple people who are waiting for me to make some in January. I don’t know how many I’ve made total….40ish, maybe. If you are interested, we can chat about it over email. Contact me at katieosborne

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