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Great Ron Paul Article January 31, 2008

Filed under: Politics — katieosborne @ 1:25 am

I’ve never visited this blog before, but the article title caught my eye, so I checked it out. It’s is a good read. I think, in particular, it has a lot to say to fellow Christians, and I hope it will provoke thought.

Why Are Ron Paul’s Supporters So Angry?

I have struggled with much of the same frustrations that Baldwin expresses in his article. I just keep asking myself “why can’t they see?” It seems so clear, yet the vast majority of Americans, including Christians, seem more than willing to follow the biggest smooth talker off a cliff. Christians, of all people, should be discerning, yet many seem to embrace a candidate simply because they invoke the name of Jesus. Nevermind what direction the candidate wants to take our country.

Why don’t they give Ron Paul a chance? What a shame that the vast majority hasn’t a clue what he believes and what he could do for our country! We are on the brink of disaster. It seems most want to ignore that fact. Maybe our problems will all just go away, right? Maybe it will all be solved by a tax refund. Ooh, free money from the government’s secret money tree!

Ron Paul has been ignored and marginalized. As Baldwin points out, he has been censored and excluded from debates.

This is a great clip, which apparently was edited from the debate. He speaks so honestly and calmly, despite the snideness of the moderator.

It will be interesting to see what the next year brings. It’s not gonna be pretty.


One Response to “Great Ron Paul Article”

  1. wordforit Says:

    I read that article on another blog earlier this evening and felt the same as you express—“are you so used to ‘big brother’ doing your thinking that you cannot “SEE”???” For so many reasons, there is not another candidate I see fit to lead.

    I agree, and am struggling not to ‘beat people up’ (with words, to be clear;-)!! And I’m so tired of those who go from blog-to-blog leaving immature comments when it’s so obvious they haven’t done their homework. . . shameful. . .sigh.

    Let’s just keep praying and persevering!

    God’s Blessings!

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