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Evening Walk May 4, 2008

Filed under: Family Life — katieosborne @ 7:05 pm

P1010004 (2)Lately, Jonas has been all about walking instead of riding. “Walk. Walk.” He insists. And it’s fun to see him growing more independent and sure of himself, but it sure takes us a lot longer to get to the P1010013 (2)park!

Jonas likes to stop and examine things and explore sidewalks that  branch off from the main one. After about four slow blocks, he decides that he’d rather be carried; so up onto Dad’s shoulders he goes until we get to the park, and then he is off again to climb and run and slide.

He just loves being at the park, unless you try to coax him onto the swings. For some reason, he does not like the swings. So, we stick to the playground.



P1010016 (2)




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