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An Environment To Create In May 5, 2008

Filed under: Home,Sewing and Crafts — katieosborne @ 11:32 am

This won’t thrill you like it does me, but you must understand what a disastrous mess this room has been for the longest time. I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning the sewing/Jonas room. Basically, it’s a room that houses my sewing machine, ironing board, shelves of fabric, and Jonas’ clothes.

Prior to yesterday, there were unfinished projects piled on the floor, pieces of snipped thread in the carpet, stacks of fabric laying around because there wasn’t enough shelf space, and a closet exploding with clothes that Jonas had long outgrown.

Now it is orderly and wonderful. Of course I had to take my sewing machine in for repairs a few days ago, so I can’t fully enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I am enjoying just standing in the room from time to time. It’s not as though the room is anything special, but it’s amazing what an uncluttered environment can do for a person.


P1010001 P1010002 P1010005 P1010007 P1010006

Far too many pictures for something so uninteresting, I know, but I feel so good about this. Fabrics are nice and tidy. I now have a basket for uncompleted projects next to the dresser, and a basket for scraps in the closet. The baby carriers, which used to be inconveniently located in the living room, piled in what is now the scrap basket, are folded in the hanging shelf in the closet.

I just need to hang a few things on the walls, so they don’t look so sparse. I’m also hoping to find a thrifted child size table and chairs for beneath the window, so Jonas has his own little place to be creative.


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