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Doesn’t The Government Have Anything Better To Do… May 6, 2008

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…with it’s time and our tax dollars?

A Pennsylvania Mennonite farmer was arrested for selling raw milk in NYC, where it is illegal. Granted, he was breaking the law, but certainly, this is a law that needs to be repealed.

It is absurd that the government has decided it has the power to mandate what we can and cannot put in our bodies and can arrest a peaceful farmer for providing a product, a product far superior to what is available at the grocery store, for which there is great demand.



One Response to “Doesn’t The Government Have Anything Better To Do…”

  1. cleanerplateclub Says:

    Have you followed the Creekstone Farms case? The short story: after the first case of Mad Cow was discovered in the U.S., a small-ish meat company, Creekstone Farms, decided to test every one of their slaughtered cows, so they could tell consumers that they were buying meat from a guaranteed a no-BSE cow. Creekstone Farms purchased the testing equipment at their own expense. But then the USDA, under pressure from the meat industry, told them they weren’t allowed to. It’s gone through several court rulings by now, and the whole thing is absurd. A private company wants to test its own product, so that they can conduct a private transaction with consumers (like me) who would like to purchase that product. And they’re not allowed.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on the state-by-state efforts to dis-allow “no rBST” labels on milk.

    The idea that INFORMATION is being discouraged. It’s friggin’ amazing (pardon my French; it just boils my blood).

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