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More On FLDS Kidnapping May 22, 2008

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The appeals court has ruled that the State acted improperly by taking the FLDS children and placing them in the foster care system. It’s unclear when the children will be returned to their families, and the State plans to appeal the decision. But hopefully the families will be reunited soon, and they can begin healing.

As a side note, I came across this article today regarding the State’s order to have the children immunized. (The community is largely unvaccinated). As a parent of an unvaccinated child, I am completely infuriated that the government has the ability to make such a decision. They truly do believe our children belong to them.

  Crimmins said the state requires all children in custody to be immunized for their “health and safety.” He said no one would be forced to get inoculations; older children specifically would have the opportunity to decline the shots.

I don’t quite understand how it can be a requirement, yet they say the children can reject them. If this is true, unfortunately it won’t help the youngest children, those at greatest risk for being negatively affected by the shots, since they’re not able to make that kind of decision. In fact, it is absolutely ridiculous to allow children to make such a decision at all. That is the job of the parents who hopefully have educated themselves on the benefits and risks of vaccinations.

Since most haven’t had any, I wonder how many shots they plan to pump them full of at once to make up for lost time.

What a disaster. This whole thing. At least the children will hopefully be returned soon.


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