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To Jonas, On Your Second Birthday June 29, 2008

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Dear Jonas,

You are two today! It’s nearly impossible to believe, but I’ll spare you all the trite, parental “they grow up so fast,” even though it’s true.

I will never be able to express how much joy and fulfillment you bring to our lives. It has been amazing to see you grow and explore and learn over the last year. You amaze us with everything that you know and do, and Dad and I love you more than you will ever know!

The things that you like the most right now are

  • 100_0575playing at the park (You climb so well and have no fear of slides of any height, but you aren’t too fond  of swings).
  • playing computer games and looking at pictures on the computer with Dad (As soon as Dad gets home from work, you run to the stairs and say, “trucks, trucks.” Apparently, the truck racing game is your favorite).
  • cars (Particularly your Elmo and Bert cars. You also like Jonathan’s many cars from the Cars movie).
  • dancing to music (You’ve got a good sense of rhythm and are very creative with your choreography. Just last week, you entertained zoo-goers as you boogied to live band music in the middle of the walkway, jazz hands high in the air for the finale).
  • the alphabet (You can identify nearly all the letters. I love how you call W “double-x”).
  • some form of peek-a-boo (You usually initiate this game by putting your hands over your eyes, and saying “Where Jonas go?” until we notice you and say, “Oh no, where did Jonas go? He must have gone 100_0512_________,” and we fill in the blank with any number of places, to which you always reply, “noooo,” as though saying, “that’s silly; of course I didn’t go there).
  • watching the baby bunny and other animals out the front window
  • going for walks and hikes (you love being outside, though you do often complain of it being “too bright.”  I’ll have to ask Dr. Kamsler about that next week).
  • coloring (This includes the wall and couch, though you are getting better at only coloring on the paper).
  • singing (The songs you most request are “Twinkle, Twinkle,” “Jesus” (Jesus Loves Me), “Old MacDonald,” and “ABCs.”
  • Thomas the Train (Grandpa Beem introduced you to Thomas with his train set when you were 6 months old, but just recently you’ve been talking about him all the time, despite the fact that the only Thomas things you have are a helmet and fork and spoon set – and as of yesterday, a puzzle from Great Grandma and Grandpa).

You are so bright and inquisitive, so loving and joyful, and so silly too. You’ve got a great sense of humor, and your laugh makes me feel so warm. You ask  “What’s that mommy/daddy?” and “Why?” in your sweet little voice, innumerable times a day – I should say innumerable times an hour! And the explanations you remember, even when I only tell you once, amazes me. You usually like to do things yourself these days, but are good at asking “help, mommy,” whenever you get stuck. You are mister independent. You almost always prefer walking to riding, and you like to get down to observe and examine the world as we go.  Sometimes this drives me nuts since I usually like to get to where I’m going, but it is so good that you are teaching me patience. I’m learning how to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of always looking ahead. I love the fact that I can learn so much from you! I fall short so often, yet I know that because of you, I am becoming so much more than I was. I thank God for the privilege of mothering you.

It’s been really fun to watch you become more independent over the last half a year. You are still very attached to us, but you are confidently venturing out into the wider world now too. You love spending P6100008time with your grandparents, and they all adore you like crazy. It’s really neat to watch your relationships with them deepen. Socially, you’re an interesting combination; I can’t decide whether you are an introvert  or extrovert. In many ways, you are rather shy, but once you warm up, you talk and talk and you aren’t one bit self-conscious. You love playing with friends, particularly, Jonathan, Ella and Andrew, but you also like to retreat to my arms for some relaxing quiet time. I love how when you are tired, you hold and stroke the ends of my hair. So sweet.

Your ability for imaginative play is blossoming. Your favorite scenario right now requires two objects of similar type (the Elmo and Bert cars work well, as do plastic farm animals). One of them falls down. “Oh no, I fell down,” you cry. “Help him. Help him, Mommy.” “I’ll help you Elmo,” I say, nudging him with the Bert car. “There. Are you okay?” Sometimes the game repeats itself right from there (over and over), and sometimes you tell about how they are friends and have them jump and dance. Lately, you’ve also taken to wrapping this little baby doll that was a decoration at your baby showers, in a blanket and putting her night-night. You usually cradle her in your arms and then lay her on a couch pillow. It’s so sweet.

100_0712Yesterday was your birthday party. You have a special birthday; you share it with Grandpa Osborne. Both sets of grandparents came to celebrate your birthday as well as Great Grandma and Grandpa Beem, Great Grandma Marie, Great Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Ali. Uncle Dan and Heather were on a camping trip, so they couldn’t be here. You were a little shy at first, usual for you in a group setting, but once jonas on 2nd birthday 020you warmed up, you really enjoyed yourself. You ate lots of potato salad, apparently, you are quite fond of it. You only had a few bites of carrot cake, but you had a second helping of the special ice cream I make for you.

Last night we walked to the park and you rode your new tricycle, as Daddy steered for you. It  was a gift from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Greg. Maybe we can do that again today when you wake up from your nap. You’re pretty tired from that big day, with no nap, yesterday.

You are such a big boy now! I can’t wait to see all that you learn and do in the coming year.

I love you beyond words!



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