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Yum….Strawberries July 15, 2008

Filed under: Family Life,Food — katieosborne @ 2:32 pm


My friend, Lisa, and I took our kids strawberry picking, I guess it was almost two weeks ago already. We just beat the rain, as you might be able to tell from the sky in the picture. We hadn’t been in the car for more than a few  minutes, when it started raining pretty hard. We didn’t realize until we got home just how much we picked, but I’ve put it all to good use.


I made three batches of jam, some with rhubarb. It turned out great. It’s only the second time I’ve attempted it, and it turned out so much better than my first attempt. I preserved a dozen jars and packed an applesauce jar full of the excess. That big jar is almost gone already. It feels really great to open the pantry and see such a huge stash. I did share a few jars with family, but we’ve still got quite a bit.


We have been enjoying strawberry ice cream too. Delicious.  And I made a tart that no one else liked but me. I rolled out and baked a shortbread crust, covered it with homemade cream cheese and topped it with strawberries. The cream cheese is too pungent for the boys’ liking, but I enjoy it.

I froze the rest for smoothies and later use.

Jonas wants “jelly san-ich” every day. If I leave it open face, he licks all the jelly off and asks for more jelly. 



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