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The Next Step August 14, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy and Childbirth — katieosborne @ 2:00 am

Well, another short luteal phase this month.(For those unfamiliar, the luteal phase is the second half of the cycle, after ovulation until the start of a new cycle. If it is too short, you can’t get pregnant because it doesn’t allow a fertilized egg enough time to implant). Michelle increased my herb dosage a few months ago, and I had a good cycle, but now this is the second one in a row that has been short. Unfortunately, we weren’t trying yet the month I had the good cycle, which is pretty frustrating because I tend to get pregnant pretty easily.

I’m pretty certain that if I were to wean Jonas, my cycle would get back to normal because my body wouldn’t have to produce as many hormones as it does now. Before having him, my cycle was always completely normal. I’m not willing to wean him at this point, though. I don’t feel it would be fair to him – it just seems kinda selfish. I know most of you are probably thinking, “Katie, he’s two. Just wean the boy,” but I don’t feel right about it, and ideally, I think child led weaning is best for us.

So, this afternoon I’ve been thinking about trying to cut back, especially at night. I’m sure this will be an unpleasant ordeal for a while. I have not felt the need to set up boundaries for breastfeeding. If he wants to nurse, I let him nurse. So, to suddenly be told he can’t, will be upsetting, I’m sure.

There’s one more thing I discovered today, that I will try first. Apparently, vitamin B6 is very good at fixing luteal phase defects, so I’m going to call Michelle tomorrow and ask her opinion on that. If that works, I won’t have to worry about partial weaning. If it doesn’t, I guess that is where we’re headed next cycle.


One Response to “The Next Step”

  1. Megan Says:

    I’m not a mommy yet, but I’m so excited to be one. I don’t think I’d ever tell a woman when to stop nursing, I’m pretty much pro-choice on everything – but I’m curious to know what my personal instincts are. I was nursed till I was two – I don’t think that’s so very unusual. It’s always what works for you! If this feels right, than more power to you!

    But, if the choice were weaning or getting pregnant? I would probably speed the weaning process a bit if pregnant was what I wanted to be!

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