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Catching Up October 10, 2008

Filed under: Pregnancy and Childbirth — katieosborne @ 5:54 pm

I have almost blogged so many times in the last few weeks. Lots of things that I’ve wanted to talk about from the ridiculous bailout to the election, from pregnancy to parenting. But I just haven’t brought myself to do it. I have preferred laying on the couch and watching the dishes pile up in the kitchen, as I figure the weeks until I’ll be feeling not-so-pukey for the third time in one day.

Jonas is doing well putting up with a mommy who lays around a lot and doesn’t play with him as much as usual. He knows mommy isn’t feeling good.

I am on to eight weeks and am feeling pretty confident that this is a good pregnancy. I haven’t actually allowed myself to think much about the baby yet, and the reality of having another hasn’t sunk in yet, but I also haven’t been thinking about losing this baby, so that is good. I’m just biding my time. Two more days and I will be past the time of the latest miscarriages at 8.5 weeks.

I feel fairly convinced at this point that my acupuncture treatments are responsible for Jonas’ existence and for the health of this pregnancy. Ultimately, it is God, of course, but I believe that he has worked through Michelle to help us have children. The fact that of six pregnancies, the only two that (at this point) appear to be healthy are the ones that I received treatment for, means something. I am just so grateful that I discovered the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for addressing infertility issues.

A few weeks ago, Michelle remarked on the change in my pulses before and during pregnancy, and based on this, she believes that the reason I miscarry is likely that my immune system views the baby as an intruder and attacks instead of protecting. She said that TCM is really good at combatting this problem.


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