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This Week’s Excitement October 30, 2008

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1. We spent Sunday afternoon at the ER.

A common and seemingly minor occurrence sent us to the ER for nearly four hours. Ben was holding Jonas’ hand, talking to friends at church, and Jonas let all of his weight go while still holding onto Ben. He does this kind of thing, and it’s never caused a problem, but this time he ended up with nursemaid’s elbow. He refused to move his arm and cried out anytime it was touched.

Of course at the ER, it was not as simple as a doctor examining his arm, diagnosing it, and then fixing it. No. After sitting in the waiting room for a half hour or so, a nurse examined him and decided it looked like a problem with his shoulder. So, we went for an x-ray. Then back to the waiting room for a very long time. Finally, they called us. The shoulder looked fine. A different nurse looked at him, and said it’s definitely his elbow. At this point, we had our own room in the “fast track” of the ER. An x-ray guy came to us, took a couple x-rays of his elbow, and this time, we only had to wait about 15 minutes for the results. The elbow looked okay, so she determined it was nursemaid’s elbow, and she attempted to do the maneuver that pops it back into place. That was really painful for Jonas, and she couldn’t fix it. So, we waited some more, and we finally saw a doctor. He maneuvered the arm more forcefully than the nurse, and it was fixed within 10 seconds. He was moving his arm freely within just a couple minutes. And Jonas said of the doctor, “he healed me.” It was cute.

How much simpler it would have been if this had happened during the week. We probably wouldn’t have spent more than a total of 20 minutes at Dr. Kamsler’s office. Oh well.


2.I had my first appointment with Jan, my midwife, yesterday, and we got a heartbeat on the doppler.

Jan was searching for it for a good two minutes, at least, and we weren’t getting anything. I knew there was a chance we wouldn’t find it this early since the baby is so little, it can easily move away from the doppler’s noise. So, Jan turned it off for a moment, and said to the baby, “look little one, please just let us hear you for a few moments. We need to hear you.” And she found it within ten seconds. It was very good to hear. Jonas was there too, and I explained to him that we were hearing the baby. He didn’t seem all that impressed.


3. Jonas slept through the night last night.

Okay, so for the majority of moms, it would probably come as a shock that my two year old doesn’t sleep all night, but we’ve had sleep issues since Jonas was born. The first year was severe because he was in a lot of pain from his reflux. It got a little better once that subsided, but it was still common for him to wake every 2-3 hours. A few months ago, my acupuncturist recommended I put him on a mineral supplement, as toddlers who have waking issues often have a mineral deficiency.  That seemed to do the trick. He’s been sleeping much better the last couple months, more commonly waking twice, and occasionally only once, a night. Last night, for the first time, he slept all night long! What a gift considering how sick I have been. I can’t imagine how simply awful the last couple months would have been had he still been waking as frequently as he used to.


As for me, I am SICK. I tend to have a few decent days right after a treatment, and then it’s back to puking two to four times a day. Constant nausea. I am so thankful for a compassionate, patient, thoughtful husband who is completely picking up the slack. He takes care of Jonas all evening. He cleans the kitchen and does laundry, and he never complains or makes me feel like a slacker, even though he’s had to work tons of overtime, including lots of weekends, over the last couple months. He’s the best.


One Response to “This Week’s Excitement”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Whoa what a week! I am so glad to hear that Jonas slept the whole night! You are going to need more rest and I pray that becomes a regular thing for him well before that new baby needs your nightly attention. You will feel better soon. Hang in there!

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