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Christmas Is Slipping Away December 14, 2008

Filed under: Family Life — katieosborne @ 11:32 pm

I always have these great visions of how I want things to be, especially the holidays, but following through on all the grand plans in my head, is sometimes not my strong suit. I feel like so much of the holiday season is already passing us by. I suppose it hasn’t helped that we’ve been passing a stomach virus around the house this week. I’m sure I’ll feel much more optimistic once we’re all back in good health.

And I should look at the bright side, we’ve had lots of snow so far this December, we had a wonderful time decorating our tree a couple weeks ago, our advent services at church have been particularly nice this year, PC100014and Jonas and I managed to make some homemade toffee and chocolate covered pretzels the afternoon before I got sick. Well, I made them while Jonas tried to eat as much chocolate as I’d allow. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll want to share these little treats that are potentially carriers of a flu bug.

Perhaps one aspect of my discontent is merely the fact that I have an ongoing battle between the organized me and the disorganized one. Most people who know me would probably be shocked to learn that I even have an organized side, as my day to day generally consists of improvisation, and my house usually consists of a mess. I admit, I am good at adaptation. But deep down, there really is a girl who prefers to plan and loves an orderly home, and who would feel much more content living that way. I guess I’m just not sure how to do it. Anyway, all that to say, Christmas in particular is a season when I want my house to feel like a warm, inviting home, and it’s a bit of a downer when it is in such disarray after being down with the flu, and never getting fully put back together after the incapacitating fall months.

But, back to Christmas. On the schedule this week is Christmas cookies with Grandma Cindy. My mom makes the best Christmas sugar cookies I have ever tasted, and I’m not just saying this because she’s my mom and the cookies remind me of my childhood. They truly are the greatest. I thought it would be fun for Jonas to decorate cookies, and I’m hoping to study my mom’s recipe and technique.

Also on the agenda is tons of sewing. I had the best of intentions of starting my Christmas gifts early this year. I ordered my fabric in September, and then I was down with that lousy morning sickness until halfway through November. So, I’m a bit frantic about getting things finished. I’m making a bag for my cousin’s wife, which is about 20 minutes away from completion. It’s really fabulous, and I sorta wish I could keep it, but hopefully she’ll really like it. Then, I’ve got three large projects that are in some state of completion, but I have a ton of work left on all of them. Actually, I’ve decided to make my mom’s gift a birthday present, which will give me an additional week after Christmas to finish it. Ben got my dad a really nice gift, so we’ll just make it to both of them, and that will save me from some amount of last minute panic. Pictures of what I’m working on soon to come.

You know, maybe the big thing is, now that I have a family, I have such a desire to create our own traditions and to make cherished memories for our kids. So, I disappoint myself when things don’t live up to my anticipation. But I need to keep my eyes on the big things: doing fun things with the people I love (whether the house is perfectly decorated or in complete disarray) and celebrating, in a true and meaningful way, God becoming sinless flesh to redeem his wayward people.


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