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We’re Home April 14, 2009

Filed under: Home — katieosborne @ 12:34 am

We moved last Saturday and have slept in our very own home for nine nights. Despite the fact that I feel I will never get us unpacked (and we still have cleaning to do at the duplex), it feels really good. Yesterday, we even had family here for Easter dinner. That gave my Grandma the opportunity to see the house. She can’t take too much excitement these days, so she usually doesn’t venture too far from home.

The main floor is pretty well organized, and I am anxious to get curtains made for the living room. I got the material cut a couple days ago, but just haven’t pulled the sewing machine out yet. The basement is a sea of towering boxes – better to be avoided if I want to maintain my peace of mind. Upstairs still needs a lot of work. Boxes crowd the loft because I don’t want to fill the bookshelves until I get the walls painted. The living room, stairwell and loft were painted a hideous white with a touch of green in it. Bleck.

I’m just trying to take things in stride, though I feel somewhat anxious since the baby is due in five weeks. I would love for the house to be unpacked and at least somewhat decorated before then, and I have sewing and knitting I want to do for the baby as well. I at least need to get some diapers sewn. We have a dozen newborn dipes left from Jonas, but I sold the other half dozen since I had bought those used and they were showing their age. I’d love to get a dozen made, but if I have time for six, I’ll be happy.

I have had this feeling the last couple weeks that this baby is going to come early. I don’t know how accurate a feeling like that can be, but as of now, I’m hoping that s/he will arrive right on time. Normally, a week or two early would be awesome, but I think I’m going to need all the time I have left to feel ready for everything.

Ben took a few pictures yesterday, but other than that, we don’t have any photos of the house yet. Here’s one of Jonas and my sister in the living room. More to come as we get settled.



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