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Diaper Bag: Done May 21, 2009

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P5210003I must say, this is the most clever bag pattern. It is Anna Maria Horner’s Multi-Tasker Tote. Cutting the fabric, I had a difficult time visualizing how the pieces would fit together, and it was really a pleasure to watch it take shape. It is a bit more involved than the two other bag patterns I like: Sandi Henderson’s Market Bag and Amy Butler’s Swing Bag, but it is well worth the time.

While not a diaper bag pattern, this is a large bag, and I can’t imagine how I would ever fill it up, were I not using it for my little ones. The interior has one pocket that I sewed down the middle to make into two compartments, perfect for my phone and keys. The exterior sides have four pockets – good size for sippy cups, snacks, and small toys and books.

And yes, I finally made something for myself from Anna Maria’s Sketchbook fabric that I love so much. If it looks familiar, I made a bag for a Christmas gift out of the same fabric.

I also made a matching changing pad that you can see peaking out in the second picture. It’s backed with terry cloth and there is a layer of fleece in the interior to give it a little padding.

Now if this baby would just decide it’s time to come out….today is the due date, but there’s nothing exciting to report here. And I thought this one was going to be early. So much for my intuition!



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  1. Rogelio Sniffin Says:

    When the little one arrives, diaper bags are a must. This can be anything from a bag specifically designed for this purpose to an oversized shoulder bag with a lot of extra compartments. The truth is that there is no universal rule for diaper bags and how they should look. In fact, they can be very stylish and even affordable.


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