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Bridget’s Mama Made Diapers July 1, 2009

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Last week, I snapped a few pictures of Bridget in one of the diapers I made for her. She’s growing so fast, I need to get to work on the next size up. I forgot how quickly they grow out of all the tiny newborn things!



100_2605 100_2608


One Response to “Bridget’s Mama Made Diapers”

  1. Laura Boll Peifer Says:

    hello- i stumbled upon your blog as i was searching for homemade diaper templates… we’re expecting our first in January, and I’d like to make at least some of the diapers. these are adorable! i have a few questions… what materials do you use inside and out? do you use an additional diaper cover, or is it enough to wick away moisture? also, is velcro tough enough to withstand so many washings? if you have a chance to reply, you can email me at — thanks!! – laura

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