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Four Months September 30, 2009

Filed under: Family Life — katieosborne @ 12:52 pm


Yes, she is.

Bridget was at the doctor on Friday, and she’s following the curve she was on at her 2 month visit: 95th percentile for height (26”) and 75th percentile for weight (15lbs).

She started rolling over nearly 4 weeks ago, on September 4th. This girl wants to move!  She sits with little assistance,stands and bounces for extended periods of time, kicks and reaches. She watches so intently as her brother plays. Apparently, he fascinates her. I love how he can get her laughing.  And she’s watching us eat. No, little miss, I will not feed you solids at four months!

Here she is with Grandma Cindy, who is of course thrilled to have a granddaughter in addition to her grandson. She told me from the start of my pregnancy that this baby was going to be a sweet, easygoing girl. I didn’t believe her. And part of me thought: hey, what’s wrong with boys! After all, the one I have is pretty terrific. And to tell the truth, though I didn’t really have a preference one way or the other, if I had to choose, I was probably leaning more toward another boy. But from the moment she arrived, it was so very right for her to be exactly who she is. I am totally in love with her.




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