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a Little Of This, A Little Of That…Makes For A Very Long Post March 6, 2010

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The blog’s been quiet. I know. I’ve been blogging in my head the last few weeks at least. In the car – before I fall asleep – but none of those thoughts have actually made it onto this canvas. And the thoughts flow so well at the time, but I’m aware that I’ll never remember how I wanted to say what I wanted to say when I finally have time to sit down. Maybe I need to start carrying around a tape recorder. Maybe then I’d actually write about some of the things I really do want to say.

Anyway, I guess this is a “catch up” post to say, I’m still here and we’re all doing okay.

image_thumbSo, first on the catch up list: my sweet friend Lisa at Grace Upon Grace nominated me a while back for a Beautiful Blogger award, which was very kind. Thank you, Lisa.

In accepting this award I have to follow these rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

However, I’m going to have to bend (break?) the rules a bit, as, through the years, I have whittled my blog reading down to my four that I can’t do without because really, I just don’t have time to read everything I’d like. So, Lisa’s is of course one of those – oh, and her husband, Bob, but I don’t know that he’d be appreciative of such an award.  The other inspiring women I like to read are Amanda Soule at Soule Mama, Anna Maria Horner and Sandi Henderson at Portabello Pixie. Being that the latter three are professional bloggers who don’t read my little blog, I guess I don’t really have anyone to nominate, so hopefully no one will strip me of my award for not following the rules completely! 🙂

So, onto my seven things:

  1. My sister and I grew up in a home that was built by my grandpa. My mom also grew up in that house. It was situated in a hill that was perfect for sledding in the winter, and next to the woods which were perfect for exploring in summer. When I was about ten, he built a house on the extra lot next door for himself and my grandma. It was really special to be so close to them.
  2. I spent my childhood and youth trying hard to be a good girl, in college said “forget this, despite everyone thinking I’m so good, I’m a constant failure,” and finally met with who God really is when I was 23 and realized that being good enough has nothing to do with it.
  3. My husband and I met online before it was a “normal” thing to do. I don’t know, is it normal now? I think it was the perfect way for us to establish a relationship because I am rather introverted and somewhat self conscious with people I don’t know well, and it takes a long time for me to let a person know me. I am much more at home writing, and it was really great to email back and forth most every day for a few weeks. We talked about so many things from religion to literature and music, traveling, family – we were able to share a lot. By the time we met, I felt certain of what kind of person he was.
  4. We plan on home schooling our children. As the time draws ever closer, I’m starting to feel a bit apprehensive about such an undertaking, but I’m also looking forward to being such an integral part of my kids’ learning and learning alongside them.
  5. A dream of mine for my family is to live in a big old house in the country where we can have chickens and a cow and a big garden in summer.
  6. I’ve always been interested in personality types. I’m an INFJ, with a rather weak J…which is probably why my life isn’t more orderly. When I took the Myers-Brigg test earlier in life, I scored as an INFP.
  7. I love singing musical theater and have always wanted to be in Oklahoma! and Into The Woods. Someday yet, maybe. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any performing. It just doesn’t fit well in my life now and those two opportunities have never presented themselves.

And on the crafty front…..

I’ve finally started sewing a bit again over the last couple months. I’ve made three dresses for Bridget – pictures to come – and finished a skirt for myself last weekend. I much prefer skirts to shorts in the summer, and my goal over the next couple months is to make one item of clothing for me or one of the kids each week. I have so much fabric on my shelves; I hope to buy a few pairs of play shorts and tees for Bridget and do the rest of her wardrobe myself using what I already have.

I think I’ve finally found my perfect skirt. This skirt is so completely me. Everything about it. It’s love. Love. Love. It’s the yard sale skirt from Heather Ross’ book Weekend Sewing. I think I will feel very at home in this skirt…and the many to come! I’m not into fashion. I have little idea what’s in style. Since having kids, myyard sale skirt wardrobe consists of jeans and tees. But I really do feel good wearing something that is an outward expression of what I’m about. I think sewing gives me that opportunity so much more than shopping at the mall, and I’m really looking forward to trading in my current uniform for my summer skirts. So, perhaps it’s not so much that I’m not into fashion, but more that it’s hard to satisfy my real style at the mall….at least without going broke at Anthropologie!

Now, there is a clear consensus among reviewers of this book that it is beautifully done with lots of great patterns; however their are many errors, so many that I’ve read a lot of people who say they’ve shelved the book. I was aware before starting this wrap skirt, that it was one that needed revision – an extra panel was needed for comfortable coverage. So, I went to Heather’s errata page where it said, “at least six panels are needed for this skirt not five.”  So six it is, or so I thought, but apparently even the errata has errors because in actuality the book itself calls for six, not five. How I didn’t think this all through better beforehand, I don’t know, but apparently people have been using at least seven panels. Fortunately, my waist is pretty small, so my six panel skirt will work out just fine with a discretely placed safety pin a third of the way down the back – just in case, you know. Next time I will add the extra panel, and there will be absolutely no worries about flashing people.

Another thing I have to tell you: if you’re planning to make this skirt, you need more yardage than the 2.5 that’s called for, even if you’re not adding an extra panel. I followed the pattern exactly and used just under 3 yards. I’d say buy 3.5-4 yards – a lot for one skirt, but worth it.

The fabric is Joel Dewberry from a few years back. I bought four yards of it for a swishy sundress a long time ago, but let’s face it, dresses are just not practical when you have either a nursing little one or are hoping to be pregnant. And while I really do like the fabric a lot, it was not one that I would have been totally heartbroken over if my first go didn’t work out so well.

As far as family life goes, we’re hanging in there and hoping for spring. Winter with a three year old and a baby is long, and we’re all tired of being cooped up. Both Jonas and I have had a hard time behaving ourselves some days.


One Response to “a Little Of This, A Little Of That…Makes For A Very Long Post”

  1. lisa Says:

    I don’t think you’ll be stripped of your award. If I was going to change the rules, I’d say just tell us 7 things about you.

    I haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs since high school/college but then I was borderline I-E, NFP.

    And, that is a great skirt! I too prefer skirts. Somedays I just put a long skirt over my pajama pants to feel comfortable and pretty at the same time.

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