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A March Gift March 19, 2010

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Warmth. Almost a week of warmth in the middle of a Wisconsin March. Of course we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, but we have been enjoying the outdoors while we can.

So, we had to make a trip to the park.


Bridget had her first ride in the wagon, and she loved it. She laughed continually the first half of the ride.100_4779100_4780

She was quite interested in the playground surface and all the little bits of leaves and dirt all around.100_4790

Slides have always been Jonas’ favorite. Even when he was small, he had no fear of the tallest slides.100_4770

Swings, on the other hand, he had little interest in until last summer.


But his sister loves them!


She is determined to keep up with her brother.


We had a wonderful afternoon together.


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