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The Overambitious Gardener April 12, 2010

Filed under: Family Life — katieosborne @ 4:48 pm

I’m afraid that might be me. 100_4968

These came today.

I must confess, I have never done more than grow tomatoes and herbs in pots, but since moving here last year, I’ve been looking forward to having our own backyard garden.

One potential problem: I’ve never had the greenest thumb, or, thinking more positively, maybe I just haven’t had that much experience. Another potential problem: I am great at envisioning and planning, but not always the best at following things through to completion. Ugh. I hate that about myself.

But I am feeling very determined right now, and I’ve done hours and hours of weeding in the last week. I have hours more to do, since I did absolutely nothing with our yard last year (except occasionally care my potted tomatoes and basil) on account of my newborn girl. It will feel so good to have neat and clean flower and garden beds soon, ready to welcome their summer inhabitants.

So, the plan is to get most of the seeds planted indoors this week while I continue weeding and preparing the soil over the next couple weeks. Our front porch is enclosed with windows all around, so I think that will be sufficient light and warmth for my little seedlings’ first few weeks of life.

I envision a wonderful summer working outdoors with my kids. Lots of work, but very good work. It’s so exciting to watch things grow and so satisfying to eat the delicious things one works so hard for. Oh, I hope I don’t kill anything!

Any advice for a novice who has likely bit off more than she can chew is welcome!


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