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To Sweet Bridget, On Her First Birthday May 29, 2010

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My Dear Bridget,

100_5238On Thursday, you turned one and today we celebrated your birthday with all your grandparents and some of your aunts and uncles. It was a perfectly beautiful, sunny day, and you had so much fun. After hours of family, toys, cake and balloons, you are finally resting peacefully in your bed.  

In many ways, it is hard to believe you have been in our lives for a whole year; in other ways, especially since you’ve been walking for over two months already, it is surprising to me that you are only twelve months old. You are such a light. You have the most cheerful disposition, a sparkle in the eye, a smile on your lips, and a little laugh or a big chortle waiting to burst forth almost always. What joy you have! And what joy you give! You are my sunshine, and that is your song. Ever since you were a tiny babe, we would sing that song to soothe you.

I used to say that you are a determined child – we saw that in you from the time you were a couple months 100_5260old – but now I think relentless might be an even better adjective. You do not give up, that’s for sure! And while your determination is a very wonderful quality that will serve you well in life, right now it is exhausting your mama! Every time I turn around these days you are trying to climb into the kitchen chairs, even when they’re pushed up to the table, and no amount of redirection will distract you from practicing this new skill. You also want to do everything your big brother does, especially coloring and play-doh, and while you are doing pretty well with a marker, paper and a little supervision. the play-doh is impossible as it ends up in your mouth in seconds. Other things that I cannot keep out of your mouth include sand, and Lego heads, helmets and tires.100_5318

You love the outdoors. If it  were up to you, you’d probably spend the whole day in the yard, just playing in the sand box (though you’ve recently started eating sand, yuck!) or walking in the grass, picking up sticks, feeling the dirt in your hands, and splashing in the hose water. You have no fear when it comes to water. Last weekend Daddy got the pool out, and you, Jonas and Daddy spent a hot afternoon playing in the water. You went under twice and it barely phased you. Daddy and I got you a water table for your birthday present, and you and Jonas had lots of fun with it this afternoon. You drenched yourself by trying to drink buckets full of water that rarely made it to your lips.   

You get a huge kick out of your brother, and I love it when you two are silly together. Though sometimes he’s a bit rough, it hardly seems to phase you, and you do your share of tackling him. My hope is that the two of you will grow to be fast friends.

Things I currently love include the sloppy kisses you give. You like to give kisses to dolls and stuffed toys too. You like to dance. Whenever you hear music these days, or even when it is just a toy making music, you do a funny little squatty dance accompanied by a huge grin, and it is so cute.  I love how you love your Daddy. When you hear the back door open at the end of the day, you exclaim “Daddyyyyy!” before even seeing him. You run to the kitchen and greet him with laughter and your beautiful smile. When you are fussy, you like to sit at the picture window with him. You say “see,” as you watch. Your other words right now are ‘mama,’ ‘daddy’, ‘this,’ and ‘tickle, tickle.’

It is such a privilege to be your mama, and I thank God for entrusting you to me and your dad. I was reading a book about Charlotte Mason last week, and she is quoted as saying, “"Truly parents are happy people—to have God’s children lent to them.” That sentiment has stuck with me throughout the week. I am happy and blessed that you are mine for this season.100_5298 100_5309


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