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I Have Been Sewing… August 22, 2008

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I feel good. I’ve discovered what works for me as far as having a little business that fits in with the rest of my life and doesn’t make me stressed and crazy. I just finished working on a group of mei tais last weekend, and I sold them all Tuesday night. They went fast!

Here’s what I have been working on lately:





Underside of hood:




The bodies on the next two are silk:



 P8030003 (2)

This one is reversible to the ivory with orange flowers:




This one also reverses:





Creative Woes March 5, 2008

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Within the last couple weeks, there have been two WAHMS on TBW who have started selling mei tais with appliqued hoods, and they’re all the rage right now. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s been bothering me, and I think I just need to get it out.

When I started making mine, I had not seen anyone else doing appliques on the hood, and I felt like my product was really original. I guess I am just disappointed that I’m not so original anymore. Well, that and, I think the bigger thing for me is that I have been testing these slowly, and a lot of people haven’t seen them because I’m not selling them yet. So now, when people start seeing them, they’re probably going to think I am a copy cat, and I’m not. That is really a big thing for me – not being thought of as original. I’ve always had a distaste for following the crowd, ever since I was young, and I don’t know, it’s just an issue I have.

And I am not saying that anyone else copied me. It could very well be that we all came to the idea independently. I also really like both of these ladies, from what I have seen of them on the board. Really. So, I guess I feel a little guilty even voicing any of this, but it was just eating at me, and I need to let it go. Who cares, right?

I had decided that I am not going to pursue this as a business right now anyway, just a hobby. So really, what is the big deal?

I just need to do what I do without worrying about other people.

I feel so silly even writing this.

Poor me, having a pity party.



The Newest Testers February 6, 2008

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Here are a couple new mei tai testers I finished up in the last week:



P1290001 P1290003

Unlike the first round of testers, these have a padded waist. They’re also a couple inches taller.


Rethinking January 4, 2008

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I’ve been hard at work with the testing process for my new mei tais, and I’ve been conversing with other vendors regarding what it takes to run a business. After much consideration, I’ve concluded that it’s not the right time. The main deterrent is that I really need to have product liability insurance in order to avoid any possible lawsuits from misuse or product malfunction. The chances are so incredibly low that I would ever be sued – I thought an LLC would be fine – but it’s just not worth the risk, and insurance would run me $8,000-$10,000 a year! I would have to take this on as a major venture, hire seamstresses and sell a lot of carriers. I just can’t commit to that right now. As it is,  at times, I already feel that I’m putting my family and home second when I need to get sewing done, and it is not worth it. The stress isn’t worth it.

 I’ve decided to continue testing so that I have a finished product, and I plan to create mei tais on my own time, which I will sell on for now. I feel it is a safe community with experienced wearers who know better than to sue a WAHM. That way I can work when I want and make a little extra money for building my fabric stash or whatever.

I love to sew, and I have had no time to sew for myself, so I really am looking forward to this change, even though I didn’t want to let the business go. I think largely, I like the idea of the business. I like to be able to say that I own a little business and make a great product, but I don’t know if I really have the necessary drive and desire to make a long term commitment to such a huge undertaking.

Overall, I feel really good about this, and who knows what the future holds.


Much Needed Encouragement November 30, 2007

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I’ve really been wondering lately if I’m good enough to make a business out of sewing mei tais. I tend to question my talents frequently and generally feel that if people praise my abilities it’s just because their standards aren’t high enough. It’s not that I feel talentless or inadequate. I just don’t feel like a genius.

The response I’ve received on the testers so far has been positive; though I am sure I’ll have to face criticism too.  Colleen just received hers and started this thread on TBW that makes me feel super good. I needed some encouragement today.


A Big Endeavor November 4, 2007

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I began sewing slings and mei tais to sell on Diaper Swappers last winter, joined a Hyena Cart Congo in April, and opened my own website last month. Last month I also decided to test a new mei tai design that I created a couple months before, and I had an overwhelming response – 80 applicants in a 24 hour period.

So, life has been rather stressful the last couple weeks. These new mei tais are extremely time consuming and work intensive. At my more overwhelmed moments, I find myself wondering what I’m thinking trying to grow a business at this time in my life. Jonas requires so much care, the house is falling apart more rapidly than usual and I have a sewing list a mile long. But I’m excited too; I think these carriers have real potential. People seem to be excited about them.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The latest: Sakura Willow on cranberry straps. I finished today and took it for a test drive before mailing it out to its new home. I really love the strap color. I didn’t think I would before it was done up. Thought it was a little too bright, but it’s beautiful.

This is the first one I did. At the time, I had no thought of marketing them; I just made it for our own use, but I got so many positive comments that I was encouraged to think about selling this design.

And some non-action shots of the rest: