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Acupuncture Update July 15, 2008

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Well, I have been seeing my acupuncturist, Michelle, again for, what, a few months now, I guess. My body has straightened itself out enough this cycle to start trying again. I am just trying to focus on being low-stress.

I’m not stressing about the possibility of another miscarriage, at this point. God has really taught me to rely on him more fully through this whole ordeal. It is amazing the peace that he can provide in the midst of trial. I’m just trying to take things a step at a time. I pray that the treatments and herbs will give our next baby the protection that s/he needs to come to term, but I am leaving it in God’s hands. I don’t want another miscarriage. It’s hard to bear, but I know that God’s plan is good, even when I don’t understand.

It may sound strange, but I would never wish away the losses we’ve experienced, simply because God has used them to work in our lives, shape who we are, and reveal himself more fully. His ways are right, and it is such a tremendous comfort to truly believe that. It is liberating not to have fear about the future of our family and to know that everything is bearable because he is our strength when we have none. And God has allowed me the opportunity to comfort others who have suffered the same loss, which has been a tremendous blessing to me.

I guess the miscarriages are just a part of who I am. That being said, I really don’t want any more, though I will accept whatever lies ahead.

So, as far as stress goes, I’m trying to concentrate on making my life as low stress as possible, so I can give my baby, whenever s/he is conceived, as positive an environment as possible. This is hard because I don’t always recognize when I am stressed. I’ve always just dealt with it without feeling the effects until it has built up to the point that I crash, seemingly out of nowhere. Things aren’t bad right now, but I need to be mindful. Taking care of four kids for 20+ hours over a two day period is draining.

Last week, when Michelle was listening to my pulses, she asked how things are at home and with the kids. Apparently as soon as I began talking about watching the kids, my kidney pulse totally crashed. The kidney is associated with growth, fertility, sexual capacity – everything that is important right now, so that’s not good. She was really stressing to me my need to let go of the stress, so it doesn’t put unnecessary stress on the next pregnancy. She says she views kids having an electrical cord which is plugged into their caregiver, and they are continually feeding off your energy, and she suggested I do some meditation to visualize them hooking up to their guardian angels instead of me, and seeing them provide protection and energy for the children. While the truth of this doesn’t jive with me, I get what she means, and what I need to do is ask God to provide everything the kids and I need to get through the day well without wearing me down too much. I just need to be better about taking some time for myself too. Relaxation exercises do work wonders, but I always feel like I have too much to do to stop for something like that. I need to slow down some and focus on myself and the next baby, just a little.

I’d really appreciate any prayers with regard to all this.


Michelle’s Assessment April 22, 2008

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I had my first acupuncture appointment last Wednesday. Michelle says that I am presenting very similarly to the previous time I was seeing her, two years ago. Apparently I have poor blood flow, and the miscarriages occur because the babies are not getting enough blood in the early stage, before the placenta takes over.

She has me on Evening Primrose Oil, Nettle tea, and a custom herb formula. I go again next Wednesday.


Back To The Acupuncturist April 15, 2008

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I have my first appointment with Michelle, my acupuncturist, on Wednesday. Feeling a bit apprehensive – not about treatment itself, I always enjoyed that – just about future pregnancies in general.

I’ve conceived five times, and obviously I’ve only been able to carry Jonas to term. My pregnancy with him is the only time I received treatment from Michelle. So, it seems that the treatment worked for me, but of course, we can’t know for sure at this point, having had only one success. I like to think that TCM is what allowed me to have a successful pregnancy, and TCM does have a good track record treating infertility issues, but it could be that Jonas was just a healthy one, and he would have made it regardless.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel like this is a moment of truth. Next time I get pregnant, if I miscarry again despite treatment, it’s going to make it that much harder to keep going. Right now, I have hope that the acupuncture and herbs will protect the next pregnancy, but if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, how do we keep on going?

I truly believe that God will give us more children, but I’m not sure how much more we’ll have to endure before getting there. It’s been a hard journey, yet I see the ways the Lord has worked in our lives through our losses. Strange as it may sound, I wouldn’t trade this experience, despite the pain. And if there is more loss in store, I guess I can accept that if it means God working in our lives, refining our character and revealing himself in deeper ways. I don’t want to lose anymore babies; the breath catches in my throat at the thought, but what can we do, short of closing ourselves off from the possibility of more children. That would be a lack of faith and trust, and I don’t think I am willing to do that.

On a more positive note, if the next pregnancy is a success, that will give us all the more reason to have hope for future pregnancies with treatment.

I’m just trying not to think too much about it all right now.