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To Sweet Bridget, On Her First Birthday May 29, 2010

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My Dear Bridget,

100_5238On Thursday, you turned one and today we celebrated your birthday with all your grandparents and some of your aunts and uncles. It was a perfectly beautiful, sunny day, and you had so much fun. After hours of family, toys, cake and balloons, you are finally resting peacefully in your bed.  

In many ways, it is hard to believe you have been in our lives for a whole year; in other ways, especially since you’ve been walking for over two months already, it is surprising to me that you are only twelve months old. You are such a light. You have the most cheerful disposition, a sparkle in the eye, a smile on your lips, and a little laugh or a big chortle waiting to burst forth almost always. What joy you have! And what joy you give! You are my sunshine, and that is your song. Ever since you were a tiny babe, we would sing that song to soothe you.

I used to say that you are a determined child – we saw that in you from the time you were a couple months 100_5260old – but now I think relentless might be an even better adjective. You do not give up, that’s for sure! And while your determination is a very wonderful quality that will serve you well in life, right now it is exhausting your mama! Every time I turn around these days you are trying to climb into the kitchen chairs, even when they’re pushed up to the table, and no amount of redirection will distract you from practicing this new skill. You also want to do everything your big brother does, especially coloring and play-doh, and while you are doing pretty well with a marker, paper and a little supervision. the play-doh is impossible as it ends up in your mouth in seconds. Other things that I cannot keep out of your mouth include sand, and Lego heads, helmets and tires.100_5318

You love the outdoors. If it  were up to you, you’d probably spend the whole day in the yard, just playing in the sand box (though you’ve recently started eating sand, yuck!) or walking in the grass, picking up sticks, feeling the dirt in your hands, and splashing in the hose water. You have no fear when it comes to water. Last weekend Daddy got the pool out, and you, Jonas and Daddy spent a hot afternoon playing in the water. You went under twice and it barely phased you. Daddy and I got you a water table for your birthday present, and you and Jonas had lots of fun with it this afternoon. You drenched yourself by trying to drink buckets full of water that rarely made it to your lips.   

You get a huge kick out of your brother, and I love it when you two are silly together. Though sometimes he’s a bit rough, it hardly seems to phase you, and you do your share of tackling him. My hope is that the two of you will grow to be fast friends.

Things I currently love include the sloppy kisses you give. You like to give kisses to dolls and stuffed toys too. You like to dance. Whenever you hear music these days, or even when it is just a toy making music, you do a funny little squatty dance accompanied by a huge grin, and it is so cute.  I love how you love your Daddy. When you hear the back door open at the end of the day, you exclaim “Daddyyyyy!” before even seeing him. You run to the kitchen and greet him with laughter and your beautiful smile. When you are fussy, you like to sit at the picture window with him. You say “see,” as you watch. Your other words right now are ‘mama,’ ‘daddy’, ‘this,’ and ‘tickle, tickle.’

It is such a privilege to be your mama, and I thank God for entrusting you to me and your dad. I was reading a book about Charlotte Mason last week, and she is quoted as saying, “"Truly parents are happy people—to have God’s children lent to them.” That sentiment has stuck with me throughout the week. I am happy and blessed that you are mine for this season.100_5298 100_5309


A March Gift March 19, 2010

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Warmth. Almost a week of warmth in the middle of a Wisconsin March. Of course we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, but we have been enjoying the outdoors while we can.

So, we had to make a trip to the park.


Bridget had her first ride in the wagon, and she loved it. She laughed continually the first half of the ride.100_4779100_4780

She was quite interested in the playground surface and all the little bits of leaves and dirt all around.100_4790

Slides have always been Jonas’ favorite. Even when he was small, he had no fear of the tallest slides.100_4770

Swings, on the other hand, he had little interest in until last summer.


But his sister loves them!


She is determined to keep up with her brother.


We had a wonderful afternoon together.


Sewing For summer: Dresses for Bridget March 18, 2010


Here’s the first of Bridget’s summer wardrobe. She’s been wearing them with a shirt under for now. The top and bottom are Petal Knot dresses from Sandi Henderson’s Claire pattern. And I say the knots are ingenious – perfect for adjusting the dress as she grows. The blue and green dress is made from Sandi’s Farmer’s 100_4707Market fabric, and the top is voile from Anna Maria Horner’s newest line, Little Folks. The fabric is just gorgeous. I have about 10 more yards on my shelf; it’s what I spent my Christmas money on. It will make beautiful blouses too. I just can’t wait to use more of it.  The middle dress is modified from a pattern in Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book, and the fabric is Joel Dewberry. I have been itching to sew more dresses; they are just so sweet, but I have a mei tai that I need to get finished for someone before I do anymore family sewing. 

And a note on the voile: because it’s a much lighter fabric, I added a layer of muslin between the straps. Without it, I’d imagine they’d be way too thin. As is, they are still thinner than the dress made with quilting cotton, and they lay really nicely.

Oh, and the babe decided to start walking last week. All of a sudden she took about ten steps across the room before dropping to the ground. Since then, she’s been practicing every day. I love those halting little steps and huge, amazed smile.


Cruising Toward Toddlerhood February 3, 2010

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100_4424  The Little One is eight months old. Eight months. And she’s really not interested in being a baby. From the beginning we noticed that she was a mover, and now I would barely be surprised if she were walking in the next four to six weeks.

Recent milestones include:

  • getting her first tooth a couple weeks ago.
  • beginning to say Mama around the same time, followed by Dada last week.
  • standing at everything for the last month and a half or so, and just starting to walk along furniture and stand on her own.
  • climbing the stairs (with me close behind). And she’s fast.

(Not too exciting for most of you, I’m sure, but I need someplace to record all this mommy stuff)!

Bridget loves her brother. LOVES. And she’s pretty crazy about Daddy too, though of course sometimes, only mama will do. Some of her other favorite things include jumping on the bed (with my assistance) with Jonas, pulling laundry out of the basket (especially Jonas’ underwear) and paper. She loves the crinkling sound and she loves to try to eat it.

The first two words that come to my mind to describe her at eight months are determined and joyful.



6 Months and Crawling November 29, 2009

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Bridget turned 6 months on Thanksgiving day. She finally figured out how to crawl forward a couple weeks ago. She’s not cruising, but when she sees something she wants, she certainly moves with determination. She’s been sitting up for a little over a week too, but she usually topples over after a few minutes.

She is a sweet girl with such a happy disposition. She usually likes to stay close to Ben or I, but as long as she’s feeling safe, she flashes lots of smiles and laughs lots. She just seems delighted with life.

Have I mentioned that she loves to suck on tags?



She’s Five Months Old Today! October 27, 2009

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….And she’s scooting all over the place – but only in reverse. So, when she manages to get herself under the furniture, she’s stuck, though that doesn’t seem to bother her.





And here’s one of big brother doing one of his favorite activities. He loves to draw and color. I believe that is Lightning McQueen he’s working on there.




Four Months September 30, 2009

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Yes, she is.

Bridget was at the doctor on Friday, and she’s following the curve she was on at her 2 month visit: 95th percentile for height (26”) and 75th percentile for weight (15lbs).

She started rolling over nearly 4 weeks ago, on September 4th. This girl wants to move!  She sits with little assistance,stands and bounces for extended periods of time, kicks and reaches. She watches so intently as her brother plays. Apparently, he fascinates her. I love how he can get her laughing.  And she’s watching us eat. No, little miss, I will not feed you solids at four months!

Here she is with Grandma Cindy, who is of course thrilled to have a granddaughter in addition to her grandson. She told me from the start of my pregnancy that this baby was going to be a sweet, easygoing girl. I didn’t believe her. And part of me thought: hey, what’s wrong with boys! After all, the one I have is pretty terrific. And to tell the truth, though I didn’t really have a preference one way or the other, if I had to choose, I was probably leaning more toward another boy. But from the moment she arrived, it was so very right for her to be exactly who she is. I am totally in love with her.