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A Gift For Baby Aubrey May 20, 2008

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P5170001P5170004I made a couple appliqued onesies for Little Aubrey Grace Ferguson, born Friday morning, the 16th.

I’ve actually never appliqued on t-shirt material until now, and had some issues with the fabric. I didn’t think to put interfacing under the first shirt to stabilize it. So, they’re not perfect, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

The fabrics are all from Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossom line. Her fabrics are perfect for little girls clothes.

P5170002I added a little heart on the tush of the “A” shirt.

We visited Aubrey in the hospital on Saturday, and as soon as we said our goodbyes and closed the door, Jonas kept saying “Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey,” all the way down the hall.


My New Spring Bag April 29, 2008

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I used Amy Butler’s Swing Bag pattern to make a new bag from some Ginger Blossom fabric a few weeks ago.

I must say, I love this bag. So roomy and easy to carry. When time permits, I want to make another and add an inch or two to the depth so it’s a little bigger for longer trips with Jonas. As is, I can easily fit all my stuff, a cloth diaper, a cup, snacks, and a couple small toys. Two diapers are pushing it, though.


Breath Of Spring March 12, 2008

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  My Ginger Blossom fabric arrived today. Just what I needed after a rather rough week. It is gorgeous and P3120001perfect for spring. It is the first line by Sandi Henderson, who’s blog Portabella Pixie, is one of my very favorites.

I spent all my birthday money, plus a little, on this lovely stack. Plenty of fabric, but after seeing it, I already want more of some of these prints. I’m terrible, I know.  I guess my thing is that I’m usually reluctant to cut into pretty new fabric unless I have more than a couple yards, but I most often only buy two yards of a print unless I have a specific project in mind that requires more, or I am totally in love with it.

So, what are my plans for Ginger Blossom, you ask?

Well, I bought the green and turquoise fabric to use in the kitchen. My thought was to paint some old wooden chairs a buttery yellow and make seat cushions of the tile print (the top fabric in the picture on the left), or possibly P3120002 mix and match the cushions.  And I was thinking curtains from the blossom print – the one beneath the tiles.

I must say, the green is brighter than I thought it would be – very lime green. It doesn’t look so bright in the photo. I’m getting used to it, but I wish it was just a little more subdued. I’m actually not sure if butter yellow will be the best paint choice. It might fight with the lime. I was under the impression that the lime green (the lighter color in the tiles) was more of a yellow, but it is not.

I really love the pinks, and I thought I would prefer the greens. The pink group is so sweet and fresh. I plan on using it for some clothes and a bag or two. It would be absolutely perfect for little girl clothes, but we don’t have any of those around here right now. Guess I’ll just have to make sure I save some! P3120003 

I’m thinking about a skirt with the Waterlily fabric on top – maybe with a ruffle on the bottom with the stripe fabric. I may also make a skirt of the second floral fabric. And I want to use the pink Ginger Tiles for a bag and maybe use the pink dots for the interior.

So much I want to do, so little time. I’ve barely sewn a stitch in a week. Jonas has been sick with what I think is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. At first I thought it was teething, and it may be that too, for all I know. He was feverish to start with, barely eating, drinking or nursing, super fussy and just wanted me to hold him and sleep by with him. He would not stay asleep without me, which means I don’t get to sew. Then a few days later, I noticed little bumps on his hands an feet. Anyway, it’s been a trying week, but he is in pretty good spirits today, so hopefully we’re about done with whatever it is.