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McCain Music Video February 15, 2008

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Okay, this is hilarious. It’s a parody of an Obama video.

Here’s the original:


America Loves War February 7, 2008

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Pardon the vent, but seriously, what is WRONG with people?  I just don’t understand. John McCain?

Supposedly, the American people are fed up with the war, yet they’re voting for the biggest warmonger of the bunch. Everything else aside, why anyone would vote for a guy who is happy to be in Iraq another 100 years and says that there are more wars coming, is completely beyond me. Even more baffling, some apparently believe that he is an anti-war candidate, and that is why they are voting for him. Huh? Ben says this is because he’s against torture (one of the only positive things about him), and people confuse that with being against the war. Good grief.

If people are dim enough to vote for this guy, I guess our country deserves him.

It’s all pretty depressing.

On a side note, the TV is on and World News Tonight has a segment on Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul is mysteriously MIA. Not a mention of his name; not a glimpse of his face. They talk about every other candidate who is still running, giving a fair amount of time to each. It really is dirty what the media is doing to him. Thanks Charlie Gibson for enlightening us all. What a joke this all is.