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Happy Birthday, Ben! December 11, 2009

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100_3899The birthday boy has the day off, so we started the morning with some made from scratch cinnamon rolls and presents.

Dad received a picture of the kids for his desk at work, and a newly knitted winter hat.

(Apparently three year olds are not the best secret keepers, as Dad heard about his hat the day after I cast on. Who’d have thought. He was surprised by the portrait, at least).

This afternoon we’re headed down to Kenosha, so the kids can hang out with my parents while Ben and I go out to a little pub on the lake that we used to eat at when we were dating. I like that he likes to do nostalgic stuff like that.


Waiting for that oven timer to beep:



Happy Birthday to you:



Gooey goodness:






(Hat pattern available here).




Sunny, Happy Longies October 30, 2009

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I did it. One more pair of longies for October! Next in the queue: a hat for me.






October Knitting October 25, 2009

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Sewing has not fit into my life lately, but I have been knitting. Here are the projects I’ve completed so far this month.


Bridget’s first pair of longies:




And a hat to match:




Jonas’ scarf:




And my scarf:



And one WIP (work in progress) that I hope to finish by the end of the month – another pair of longies for Bridget: