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Wonderful Afternoon May 1, 2008

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It was supposed to be in the 50’s and rainy all day, but instead it has been in the 60’s and sunny. So Jonas and I headed over to Retzer Nature Center for a little walk.P5010002

First, we needed to stop at the store for some butter for the cookies I need to make for Bible Study.

On the  way out, Jonas spotted the car cart, so of course we were obligated to stop and play for a while. As he played, he happily called out “hi!” greeting each person who walked into the store.

After a good fifteen minutes, he finally decided it would be okay if we left, though if it were totally up to him, we may still be sitting among the carts at Sentry.

So, back in the car we go. On the way into Retzer, I ran over a gopher. Poor little fellow. He shot out of the grass right in front of my car, and I didn’t have time to react.

An hour later, as we were heading home, four vultures sat in the middle of the drive, picking away at him. Jonas wanted to know what the big birds were doing; I just told them they were eating.

P5010005 We had a lovely time just walking up and down the paths, checking things out.

Jonas’ hope was to see a bunny. No such luck today, but he was happy to hear the birds singing and study every little thing on the ground.

He was quite interested in the pine cones, and we spent P5010012lots of time collecting those. My hands were getting so full because he was handing me so many, I had to drop a few every now and then, when he wasn’t looking, so I could accept more.  

I am trying to just enjoy moments right now. I find myself getting so easily impatient because he and I certainly don’t want to do things at the same speed. With the kiddie car at the grocery store, for iP5010019nstance, it was hard to just squat there as he played so contentedly. But what’s the rush? Sometimes, I don’t know what I am hurrying through life for. So, our walk was very enjoyable. It helped me to just slow down and enjoy our time together.

As it neared one o’clock, Jonas decided he was ready for a nap, so we took a little break on a nearby bench, so he could nurse before heading home.

It really has been a perfect day.