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I Feel Pretty February 17, 2008

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Oh So Pretty….

I’m really happy with how this skirt came out. It’s a half circle. I made one a couple inches shorter last P2170006summer, but I really like the longer length. I think it looks just a little retro 50’s. I may even make another a bit longer this spring. Then I’d really be feeling like Donna Reed.

The fabric is from Robert Kaufman’s Night and Day line that came out in the fall.

P2170007And can I say, I just discovered that I love bias tape! I have never used it for a waist before, and it is so easy. I’ve always either done a facing or casing, but bias tape is going to be my new thing for zippered waists, I think.

I am especially pleased because the last skirt I made was a sad disappointment. I used a lovely fabric from Amy Bulter’s Nigella line: Grey Passion Vine. I drafted a basic A-line skirt, and it hung perfectly well P1130003before I hemmed it, but Nigella is a home decor collection, and once the twill was hemmed, it made the bottom a bit stiff, causing it to bell out. So, I tried to take some width off to make it more of a straight skirt, but it just never looked right, so it’s now in the scrap pile and will someday become a bag or mei tai, or something of that nature. 

I didn’t get the whole skirt in the photo, so you really can’t tell there is a problem with it, but trust me, it looked a little silly.

Fortunately, I have a few more yards of this fabric since I love it so much. So, there will be a straight skirt version coming sometime.

It’s never as fun to make something a second time, so who knows when I’ll actually get another made. I have some other ideas I’d like to get to first.

I’ve had big plans for some of my Chocolate Lollipop fabric for sometime, but it’s going to be a little more involved, so I haven’t tackled it yet.